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how to play iqvsiq game

IQ tests and comparing friends have been thoroughly evaluated by the tyttoot team through thousands of verified and verified top experts, let us help you validate and match IQ scores. You have a fair and reasonable way to increase awareness and experience of each person through each test. The application is very simple, it is your job to find the most appropriate, logical answer for each of our logical question types, each question will have different tips that require real skill of each person. to complete. Use the app fairly and share your scores with your friends. Function: - Create a set of IQ tests - The answers are constantly changing positions to avoid re-doing the job many times - The scoring process is completely confidential and does not disclose the results to any third party - The theme is diverse and sophisticatedly designed for the most accurate images possible. - Questions are evaluated by the top tyttoot team Please support us a lot by watching the ad so we can have more conditions to upgrade more creative and unique features for you. Thanks for watching. tyttoot & tyteam