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Action maze

Time to escape the maze without much, try to live by collecting food samples. You can only exit the maze once you have collected the required amount of food and find the only escape code on the map. The game has many challenges that require your experience and quick mind. Move very well to avoid collisions with red obstacles and eat food samples. When you eat a piece of food, the time you survive will increase. Take advantage of that time to overcome this difficult challenge. Friends believe you, your loved ones believe you, your parents believe you, only I do not believe you can escape only. Good luck. There will be great prizes for the finder, so try to complete the impossible task to become the best in this game. Glory will come to you soon. To see more detailed instructions on the game you can click on the information button on the main screen. We are very happy if you give us positive feedback about the game, please contact us via tyttoot@gmail.com.

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