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Balloon matching

In this game, you can control the flying path of the various colorful balloons in order to get score when these balloons are fully sorted in a row. Beside that, this game also support many helpful tools to sort and get score more easily. Notice that the clouds on sky will drop down slowly to reduce your sorting space. Features: - Press the left button: balloons toward the left. - Press the right button: the bubble will fly to the right side. - Click the back button: bubble would rotate 90 degrees. - Click on up button : your balloon will fly faster. - With special balloons, you can get more score. - After 30 seconds, the clouds will occupy a little more of your space - This game write your scores, account name into the leader board after finish a turn. - You can open the "How to play screen" content or pause anytime you want. - Click on share button on main screen to share this game with your friends. - To turn on or off the sound, let do it on main screen. Please support us by watching the ads so that we have more conditions to upgrade more creative and excellent features. Thank you for your attention tyttoot & tyteam