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Balls lines 98

Balls Lines 98 is an interesting free game for your idle time or relaxation. Description: Lines game is the hottest game in 98 year to date. Lines game is one of the most classical games. It is so popular that almost offical workers know and play usually. Althought the way to play looks simple but it need so much brain to solve. Balls Lines 98 game is an free interesting game for your idle or relaxation time. It's totally free and support for all kind of tablet and android devices. This is a simple game, but bring a lot of fun, you can play anywhere, anytime with your phone. Our game is not like the classic game Lines. Here's how to play the Lines of 2014. How to play: - A line can be: Horizontal, vertical, cross up or cross down. - Combine at lease 5 points in a line to score.The more point you combine the more score you get. - Combine 5 balls you get 25 point. - Combine 6 balls you get 36 point. - Combine 7 balls you get 49 point. - Combine 8 balls you get 64 point. - Combine 9 balls you get 81 point. * Plans mode: 1: Combine 5 or more identical balls to get point. 2: After a step, the number of points will be increased. 3: When you score, the number of points will not be increased. * Time mode: 1: Match 5 or more identical points to get point. 2. After a specific duration of time, the number of points will not increased. 3: Choose a suitable speed with you. * Tips: 1.You should not just concentrate on one line, play with multiple lines is a good strategy. 2. If you have a good choice and you think more, you will get a better choice. 3. If you continously get score, you receive very much reward. Features: - Two game modes: Plans and Time mode. - Time Mode is a totally new play mode that only in our Balls Lines 98 game. You can increase or decreas the appearance speed of the points. - Unlimited undo of moves. - Save game at any time. - Let the small points visible or invisible. - Combining sound and animation extremely attractive. - Application also support sound, you can turn on or off the sound whenever you want on options menu or play screen. - Play this game with more friend by sharing via social network, mail, chat, or more sharing applications. - Besides, there are many other functions such as reset while playing games, rating result, pause game, save the result to leaderboard. A game enjoyable for kids and adults. Enjoy the most addictive BALLS LINES 98. Have fun with Balls Lines 98 :) Please contact if you want to share something with us. Email address: tyttoot@gmail.com. Remember to touch to advertising place to support author :). Thank you very much! Wish you a nice relax time. tyttoot & tyteam