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Crystal arkanoid

This game is totally free and supported for all kinds of tablet , desktops , mobile phones and all other smart devices . Although Crystal Arkanoid game is simple but it brings a lot of fun . You can play anywhere , anytime with your mobile devide . Crystal Arkanoid is a classical action game . Hit the colored crystals to explose the tile blocks . Hitting crystal makes you to be relax after hours learningand working . How to play: - Move the plate to move the ball high up , hit into the crystal and destroy it . Let destroying all the crystals at the top to start a new level , or simply find excellent way to  go to next level immediately . - Avoid obstacles floating on the air , waiting to destroy your plate and tools . Let's destroy them by your ball . - Catch the tool to break the Crystal stone easily . There are variety of helpful tools , such as  : makes the paddle bigger , shoot gun auto hit to the crystal , increase the number of ball , destroys the obstacles , increases pointand time, . . . Features: - There are 2 game modes : relax and challenge mode . In relax mode : it will appear almost the tools . Your mission is use them to hit the crystal stone as much as possible in two minutes . System will save your score to compare with the previous ones . In challenge mode : each level with be designed separately . Let's play and feel . Hit much to get 3 stars . This game is suitable for anyone , it is very interesting and special . Let's share this game to your friend to relax with them :) . Contact as to give your idear at email address : tyttoot@gmail.com . Please click to advertising to support the author . Thank you very much . Thank you for your attention . Wish you have relaxing and interesting time playing our game . tyttoot & tyteam