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Dead pixel

Currently when buying technology products with integrated screen often appear dead pixel (bright pixels or dark irregular) but if carelessness we can not see them, some time after the bugs will spread more and you will feel uncomfortable when using the product, so before buying technology products make sure that does not exist any dead pixel on the screen and our application will help you. Feature: There are 2 ways to observe - Mono color: there will be more colors to be able to detect dead pixel easier - Brightness: in this function color will light or darkness gradually thereafter, this makes it possible to assess the quality of the screen and easier to find dead pixel. Also if you feel uncomfortable having to constantly change color, please use automatic functions under each method so that you can better observe. - Internet & network state permission is asked for ads . If you have any questions or new ideas , please contact us by email address : tyttoot@gmail.com . Thank you for watching . tyttoot & tyteam