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Kids calculator

Kids Calculator - A simple convinience calculator includes basic daily calculations such as plus, minus, multiply, division, beautiful, useful, big and clearly buttons in daily works such as: - Paying bills - Payings when shopping - Bank depositing - Loans and financing - Charge card gaming online - Share payment when coffee with friends… - Teach children using calculator supporting for their education - … Kids Calculator - Calculation number and font are clear, beautiful. Kids Calculator - Simple design but professional, youthful and active. Kids Calculator - Continuosly calculate. Kids Calculator - Totally free with supported features such as: - Support for all devides running android OS: moible, tablet… - Support features such us balance devide, square in house measurement. - Support retyping the mistyped number. - Support calculation on decimal, negative number for middle or elementary school… If you have any question or comments, please contact us on email address: canaryphan1987@gmail.com for better support from us. Thank you for your love and using this application. Wish you have a useful and convinience tool in your daily life Explore other games and visit us at http://tyttoot.com or http://canaryphan.com/