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Memory training

Memory training game is hilarious classic game with the support of the cute cartoon animals to help you have a strong mind and help increase the reflectivity of the other senses, such as the ability to remember, visibility, predictability. You simply sit and feel the results. Join now, it's free game. Features: - There are 3 levels: easy, normal and hard levels. In the easy level you can easily find high score but this will not help for your ability to remember much. Try to play in normal or hard mode to improve its capacity. - Play in normal mode and challenge. - Change the memory size for each turn. - Adjust sound. - Change the animal pictures automatically. - Change the animal picture by yourseft from the gallery. - How to play from A to Z. - Record your score on the leaderboards. - Deleting track record. - Changes player level. - Review the steps in each turn. - Report the obtained results. - View information on the record. If you like the brain training game or you are required to train yourseft, we believe that brain training games is your purpose and in accordance with your needs. The game suitable for all ages from children to the elderly. Games supported on all android smart phones and all tablet devices. If you join G press 1 for us, this will encourage us to develop this game as well as our upcoming game launches. Select the updated advertisement for new applications. Thank you very much! If you have any information to share with us please contact us via e-mail (tyttoot@gmail.com) or you can connect with us via twitter (https://twitter.com/@tyttoot). Learning while playing, let the games memory training improve your senses as quickly as possible. tyttoot & tyteam