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Miner king

King Miner game is the best game in 2016, just lots gem collection to become the richest. How to play: In this game your mission is to become the king of the richest miners by finding and selling of minerals and gemstones in the ground, you can upgrade components can support the search for gems faster, less expensive than, but you should avoid manholes because it will make your neck cavity machines go away. You spend money to upgrade the machine: - The nose cavity: cavity makes you faster. - Body: to make the process less fuel compartment. - Baskets: you can contain many minerals, gems if upgraded features. - Depth: to be able to find new minerals and valuable you need to upgrade this feature :) because the more deep underground pressure, the stronger the stamina required of the machine to increase up. - Energy: this is the most important component of the energy because if the machine can not run and can not return to the surface Function : Move the machine compartment up, down, left, right, stand by the toolbar to the right bottom of the screen. Upgrade tool to train and support the search for minerals. Buy and buy items. Save scores on the achievement. Share social network. Calculation of playing time until the end of the game. The game released on the phone line, a computer, a television, and anywhere Please introduce and share this game to your friends, your loved ones so that they gatecrash offline: D. And of course there are ads, please support us by viewing the ads to find the game that you like: D. Download more games at www.tyttoot.com. Wish you play happy, thank you very much. tyttoot & tyteam

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