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Onet pets

There are lots of cute animals waiting for you <3. Matching game or find the 2 same pictures game appeared for a long time ago in the game world. One of these games is our "Pet Match" game. Beside the classical functions as others, our game a brand new points of functions and extra hard levels the others does not have. Onet Pets game is a free game that suitable for your free and relaxing time. This game is supported for all kinds of tablets and mobiles running on android OS. This is a simple but very interesting game. You can enjoy everywhere, every-time on your mobile or tablet. How to play: Choose 2 same pets, the broken link between these 2 pets does not have more than 3 lines or blocked by any obstruction. You must very sensitive to match 2 same lovely pets to each others. Your target is to clear then screen by matching all pair of pets and score enough point to go to the next level. You can matching 2 pets on horizontal, vertical lines. Even when 2 pets stay far away but can match to each others, you also earn score. Choose support option when you can't find 2 same pets for so a long time :) Tips: To get the highest score you must match each 2 pair of pets as fast as possible. Features: - There are more than 400 levels being designed from easy to hard. Each level have its own special brand new points. Let's match the pets as fast as possible before the time goes end to get the highest score. - There are more many brand new features than classical matching game you have ever played: Help/ Suggestion: Suggest 2 pets can be matched to each others. Bonus: Get bonus by continuously matching 2 pair of same pets. When there are no pets can't be matched to each others, you will be subtract down 10% of your score to continue playing instead of playing it again. Obstructions: beside avoiding other pets, you also avoid the obstructions. These obstructions will not disappear until the end of a specific level. This will make the game to be more interesting :) - Time will be added when you matched any pair of same pets. - Replay from the beginning of any level. - This application is also supported sound processing. You can turn on or off the sound whenever you want on whatever menu or playing screen. Sharing game by social network, email, or other sharing application will help you to get more friends to play with. Besides, there are others features as replay from the beginning, score the game, pause and get target score. If you love the matching game, you will never skip this Onet Pets game. This version of the matching game is designed stunning, beautiful effects, attractive levels, lively sound and very much brand new points. This game is suitable for everybody, let's join and enjoy Onet Pets game! Contact us when you have anything to share by email address: tyttoot@gmail.com Remember to touch on advertisement to support the game-maker :). Thank you very much! Have a happy time playing game. tyttoot & tyteam