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Origami art

Origami art with the objective is that helps you make the your favourite things by the easiest and fastest way . By our experience , we wish to push the creative passionate and make the origami world to be more varied and more people will love this art . You only can see the instruction when the internet is connected because of the aim that continuously updating more graphics . You just open the application and get the graphics . The number of instructions is unlimited so we hope that you could usually update to get more favourite graphics for you and your friends . The main application's function is instructing the objects such as : storks , bowls , fishes , planes , . . . by graphics . This application has 2 sections : 1. Get list of objects on main screen . To see the instructions of which object , you just click on it . 2. Instructs making object step by step with graphics to help you easily complete the object . This application is totaly free , you can share with friends, relatives to together make your favourite things with papers . If you have any questions or new ideas , please contact us by email address : tyttoot@gmail.com . Let's visit http://tyttoot.com/relax/comics/origami_art/default.php webpage to command or ask anything else about your cared object . Sincerely thank you for your caring about our origami-art application . tyttoot & tyteam