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Origami how

Origami How application's permission is guiding you how to create made-by-paper product with Japanese's Origami how. With the objective that how to guide people learn how to made product easily in a simplest way. This application support user made things with the simplest to complicatest way. This is aimed to help user increate the creative while learning. Hope the our Origami How application will become your friendly handbook to see, learn and teach to others such as your friends and brothers. How to: By opening appication and selecting your favourite sample such as a whale, a shirt or a mouse... There will be step by step introduction to make your sample. Features: - Guide user make the product by paper - Special sound - Smooth effect - Sharpness images - Extremely lovely and simple products will be updated more and more. Let's use Origami How, you will be satified the most. Contact us by email address trungnguyentyttoot@gmail.com if you have any new questions or ideas about Origami How application Wish you success with Origami How tyttoot & tyteam