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Pet rescue

Pet Rescue game is a simple and attractive puzzle game. Let’s play and feel with your friend in Pet Rescue game. How to play: Touch and drag lovely pets belongs to the horizontal and verticle. The 2 same pets will be combined to be a new higher level ones. The recent unlocked pet will be stored in your pet collection book. You can show your achievements with your friends. Features: - This game is as simple as the “1024, 2048”. But the different point of this game is that you will rescue the pets to show them with your friends. - It is allowed to turn on or off the sound - Pause the game anytime you want - Store rescued pet to collection book - Store achievements in score table - Connect to your facebook social network - Invites friends to play with - Store your score, rescued pet list to leader board and share with friends via social network - Extra lovely pet pictures on 5x5 grid line screen - Support all kind of monitors - Support all kind of mobile divice - Support on android TV - Support all kind of tablet devices - Support all kind of watcher screens Especially, only on Pet Rescue game, the cow and the chicken will combined to what? Try guess :) Contact us via email address: trungnguyentyttoot@gmail.com if you have any question or new idea This game is copyrighted by TYTTOOT Inc.