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Sudoku solver

Sudoku solver can help you easily solve Sudoku. Consists of 2 parts: *Part 1: Sudoku all in one - Full control to Sudoku grid . It's completely free , is a great pastime for you . Through this game will help you develop the critical skills such as agility , careful calculation and patience and can also help you in a prize Sudoku program challenges you . "Sudoku all in one" will support for you about of the feature such as create and solver you will not have to worry . The game is completely free , is supported on all tablet and android devices . How to play : Like the classic Sudoku game you will use the numbers from 1 to 9 , fill in the missing number in 81 cells of the game , don't repeat numbers in any column , row or block . To create a new Sudoku you to the "Creator" or you can change to any level using the "Edit" in the "Solver" mode. To solve puzzles using the "Solver" mode and then choose your Sudoku then choose the "Solver" to get results . Function : - Automatically check for valid Sudoku before adding or changing a Sudoku . - In game mode we have a lot of screens from easy to difficult . Plus you can play with the Sudoku you create . - Save the state of play for each screen . - In the "Solver" mode you'll get results after selecting the "Solver" button . - Create a new Sudoku . - Edit Sudokus . - Factory reset . - Show list game with 2 modes is information and photos . - The processing time and save the best time in the database . - Allows to pause , resume , reset or end game on pause screen . - Animations beautiful . *Part 2: Guide to the Sudoku game, you can solving any Sudoku game. With detailed instructions guaranteed by little after reading you will become an expert in the fields of Sudoku. A game enjoyable for kids and adults . Enjoy the most addictive Sudoku all in one ! Please contact if you want to share something with us , Email address : tyteam87@gmail.com . Remember to touch to advertising place to support author :) . Thank you very much ! Wish you a nice relax time . Crazy Team