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Big dot

Online games allow you to connect with your friends, it is your job to eat as much food as you can to grow stronger to eat other big dot. How to play: You control your dot to eat food or eat smaller dot, notice if you eat the guillotine, your dot will be divided into many parts, and remember to run fast if there is a larger dot are paying attention to you. Function : - Touch and move on screen for manager your dot to eat around dot smaller. - Split your dot to eat food and small dot faster. - Eat plenty of food to grow quickly - Name the Dot for friends to know and play with - Save your scores on the top 10 players - Save your score on our site and compare it with other players. This is an online game that requires your device to be connected to the network, any device that can install the game can join (phone, computer, TV, watch and more. otherwise) Please introduce and share this game to your friends and relatives so they can have fun together: D. And of course there are ads, please support us by watching ads to find more games you like: D. Download more games at www.tyttoot.com. Wish you have fun, thank you very much. tyttoot & tyteam

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