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Bigger dot

Bigger dot game is the best game in 2016, your task is find plenty of food for dot to become bigger dot. How to play: In this game you will have the task that you raised dot are managed by touching the screen anywhere to dot move to that location and eat food, the more dot will eat more food to become larger dot, the game has a lot of big dot and small dot, if you go and eat small dot instead of eating food, your dot will grow faster, and avoid the boom left out otherwise your dot will explosion and small pieces separated and other vulnerable dot to swallow. Alternatively you can press the button to take the split and eat other dot easier or you can give them to other dot or create boom by pressing the button opposite are called nodes created food. Function : Touch and move on screen for manager your dot to eat around dot smaller. Split your dot to eat food and small dot faster. Eat to grow. Eat smaller dot to increase their size more quickly. The game released on the mobile phone, website, a computer, a television, and anywhere Let-s send to your friends , neighbors and relatives to play with and get more fun :) . And the most important thing is that advertising . Let-s support us by clicking on the ads to get move interesting game . Get more games at www.tyttoot.com . Wish you have nice playing game time . Thank you very much . TYTTOOT & TYTeam .

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