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Agar shooter

Only you are surrounded by agar blocks that are moving very fast towards you, the way you survive is to destroy them with the power of the guns and special energy resources you earn. Very simple gameplay that anyone can easily access, your job is just to navigate your character moving and destroy the agar masses, the agar blocks are fired automatically, you just Change the type of ammunition to destroy the agar mass in the fastest and most effective way. In-game parameters: 1. Normal gun: You do not need to reload the bullet because it is infinite and will automatically fire. 2. Eight guns: To do this you simply need to let your character stand by moving the control to the center of the control block. 3. Speed ​​gun: You can fire more jets at the same time. 4. Ice gun: After the bullets are fired, this bullet does not disappear and it is still possible to destroy the agars if they touch. 5. Big gun: This type of ammunition is capable of bulging out so that the target's ability to hit targets increases. 6. Life-saving gun: When you have less resources and you collide with a agar, the automatic mechanism of the life-saving gun will be released and you will keep this state for some time. By using life-saving bullets, you increase your movement speed significantly. 7. Ultimate Energy: All agars will be destroyed simultaneously when you use this energy source. 8. Move speed: Make your character run faster to avoid direct collisions with agar blocks, keeping in mind that this function can not be used continuously. 9. Sources of Life: The number of times a collision allows you to accidentally touch a agar, you can increase your life by killing the agar blocks and taking spoils from them. 10. Score: After destroying a mass of agar, you will receive agar particles from them, these agar will automatically move towards you, eat them to give the score. 11. Customize the controller: You can easily change the controller by selecting the control button in the upper left corner of the screen while playing. 12. Share game: share the link to have more friends share experience and compete together for fun. 13. Save Highest Score: After you run out of resources the game will save your highest score, you can use it to share with your achievements. Also, if you do not move out of coverage, accidentally or intentionally, you will lose all your sources of life. To see more detailed instructions on the game you can click on the information button on the main screen. We are very happy if you give us positive feedback about the game, please contact us via tyttoot@gmail.com. tyttoot & tyteam

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