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Penguin jump

The main character in this game is the penguin. The penguin try to find the large iceberg to live on while it is on the broken iceberg. That's why it try to jump over the icebergs even when there are many dangerous. There are so many black penguin on the small iceberg.If the penguin jumps over this iceberg having the black one, it will be junk with that black penguin. Beside that there are many seal swimming on the sea. If the penguin jumps over these seal, it will be eaten huhm. Let's try to avoid theme, the black penguins and the seals. In addition, the penguin shoul not jump over the broken icebergs and the blank positions because it will be junk when jumps on them. Wish you have a nice time experiencing this game. If you have any question or any new idea, let's contact us via email address: canaryphan1987@gmail.com. Find more our game at http://tyttoot.com/ or http://canaryphan.com/ Thank you for your attention very much CANARY PHAN